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Become a Demon Piercer

The Demon Inkorporation Piercing Academy is recognized by the London Borough of Bexley as a trainer in the body piercing profession. Our Level 1 Piercing Course is designed for those wanting to pursue a professional career in body piercing. This course provides both the theoretical background, and the hands-on training necessary to become a skilled

and confident piercer. After the completing the  theoretical part, you will be piercing on synthetic body parts. This will gradually progress  onto piercing live models. This is all done with the Demon team’s full guidance and supervision.


Upon graduating you will receive;

  • Demon Inkorporation Professional Piercing Course Certificate (including a referee letter for future employers)

  • A portfolio of all your piercings

  • List of equipment needed and suppliers to buy from

  • The confidence to pierce in a professional setting


The course will be split in two sections, two days of theoretical knowledge and three days of practical.


  • One to one course with our experienced teacher, who will not only help acquire everything you need to know within a professional working environment - but will also continually support you upon completion of the course

  • Micro dermal and surface piercings are included as part of our course

  • We provide you with models to pierce, as part of the course

  • We photograph all the piercings you perform on our models. This will help you to create your own portfolio, which can be displayed on social networking sites such as; Instagram or Facebook for example.

Day One

Covering the first three units of the theoretical course, which involves; the Health and Safety aspects of piercing, the age and consent by law and the sterilization process which you will have to apply every day from this day.

Day Two

Covering the last three units of the theoretical piercing course.

You will learn about the different types of jewellery, the jewellery's materials and how to measure it.

You will then start to practice using the various tools and needles. Finally you will learn how to set up for a piercing, jewellery placement and the piercing procedure.

Day Three

We will recap on all the theoretical aspects of the piercing procedure, from the sterilization to the aftercare whilst moving onto the more practical elements such as; ear, helix, rook, lip, navel on volunteers. We will guide you through the entire procedure from setting up, filling in consent forms, customers relations, then the actual piercing.

Day Four

You will start the day revising through the piercings that you have learnt during the week. You will then go onto the aftercare advice, possible infections and the caring of any infections. Next, you will spending the afternoon practicing more complicated piercings such as; nipple, tongue, surface and microdermals - under the guidance of our teacher.

There will be a short written theoretical exam at the end of the day to recap what you have learned so far.

Day Five

You will be the studio piercer for the day, whilst being responsible of all the piercing tasks within the studio. From the sterilization of all instruments to performing all the piercings.

Overseen by your tutor throughout the day you will be assessed on your skills and  professionalism as a piercer and then will be presented with your Demon Inkorporation Professional Piercing Course Level 1 Certificate

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