Demon Inkorporation New Eltham opened in early 2016 following on from the success of the original Welling studio that opened in 2009. In New Eltham we pride ourselves on our rapidly growing reputation and take care of all our customers with honest advice and great service.


We are able to tattoo in all styles with specialists in Black and Grey and have built a reputation as the “go to” studio for portraits.


We believe in providing an experience that is skilled, friendly and welcoming. Everyone who comes into the studio becomes a part of the “Demon” family.


Our work is based on bespoke and unique designs, we will make your experience individual, exceptional and memorable. We believe that we operate a best practice approach in a respectful manner with a perfect integrity.


Our piercer has many years experience in the industry, and works in a calm, sterile and private environment.


We offer fully qualified and licensed tattoo laser removal and IPL treatments that include: laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, thread vein removal, acne treatments and age and blood spot treatments. We have chosen to utilise the most up to date and newest technologies with “All White” lasers.


We ensure that our care and aftercare are fully explained.  


Please don’t be a stranger and come to see us at any time…..the kettle is always on.




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