Established in 2009 Demon Inkorporation Welling, has become one of the largest tattoo and piercing studios in the southeast of England. Now our second studio in New Eltham extends the Demon service that our customers have come to expect upon visiting us.

Our reputation has travelled far and wide, giving us a customer base not only from England - but from all around the world.

We pride ourselves on the range and high quality of art alongside the friendly reception our customers get when visiting the Demons. Our studio has two floors with five artists working on the lower level, and our piercing and laser removal rooms on the second.

We also host a private lounge and tattoo booth for our customers that like a little privacy.

The Demons aim is to give our customers the best possible experience whilst being tattooed.

Our custom work is of an exceptional standard and any one of our artists will be more than pleased to help you with your one off design. From the little Red Devil to Elvis himself our artists have done it all. Bringing your individual design to life is what we do best.

Our piercing team are always looking for a new challenge. From ear lobes to the more personal piercings, they cater for all!.

Working to the very highest of hygiene standards, they will take you through every step of your piercing with the care and respect that

you deserve - they will be there for you after with any help and advice of the healing process.

Aftercare is as important to us as is the initial piercing, so our aftercare is second to none.



Piercing & Laser

Barny Du Plessis


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